Radio Interviews

Newstalk Interview on Paudie Mc Gahon 11 March 2015

Newstalk, 24 November 2014 “Over 30 names have been given to Gardai”

Mairia Cahill calls on Mary Lou Mc Donald to meet.  First ever Irish Radio Interview

Mairia Cahill calls on Gerry Adams to step down 20th October 2014

Matt Cooper, the Last Word Interview Oct 14




One thought on “Radio Interviews

  1. I have in the past few days become aware of you and the sexual abuse you suffered at such a young age; the subsequent abuse & harassment is horrendous, scandalous but not surprising. I was brought up in the 50’s & 60’s close to where your great uncle, Joe lived and knew him, although we weren’t friends but I was aware of his republican involvement. I was also aware of the power that these people exercised in such a community, both directly & indirectly …and this was before the troubles erupted at the end of the 60’s. Partly due to this, once I graduated from QUB in ’68 I moved to England where I still live today.

    I absolutely believe you were sexually abused and that there was a cover up in the IRA & Sinn Fein and the current denial by Sinn Fein. Equally the mishandling & bungling of your case by the PSNI & the PPS is of little surprise to me. It is a deeply regrettable fact that institutions often close ranks when one of their own is exposed for wrong doing although, thankfully due to the courage of people like yourself more of such wrong doings are being exposed. This is not exclusive to NI.

    I sincerely commend you for your bravery and strength in pursuing this matter and I hope you get the rightful conclusion. Stay safe and brave.


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