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Belfast Telegraph, March 23rd, 2017, Martin McGuinness and me.

Belfast Telegraph , March 4th, 2017 For once I agree with Gerry Adams, the DUP radicalised a younger vote for Sinn Fein

Pokemon Go! – Belfast Telegraph : July 22nd 2016

Belfast Telegraph, Arlene Foster abuse, January 2017 

Belfast Telegraph October 2016 : Rock around the Christmas tree?

Belfast Telegraph October 2016 : On acts of genorosity.

Belfast Telegraph, September 23rd 2016 : Denis Donaldson asked me to join the Provos.

Belfast Telegraph August 2016 – On Casualty special episode.

Belfast Telegraph August 25th 2016 : On the Great British Bake Off.

Belfast Telegraph August 9th 2016 : On favourite books.

Belfast Telegraph July 25th 2016 On politicians sex lives. 

Belfast Telegraph August 2016 My daughter’s chicken pox. 

Belfast Telegraph July 2016 On Stephen Nolan and Big Audrey.

Belfast Telegraph July 2016 On David Cameron

Belfast Telegraph May 2016 “I’ve been to hell and back, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

Belfast Telegraph February 2016 On ROI General Election and Labour campaign.

Belfast Telegraph October 2015 After finding a voice, no one will silence me. 

Belfast Telegraph August 2015 Complaining about Sinn Fein’s Phil Flanagan

Belfast Telegraph August 2015 Reflecting on school days. 

Belfast Telegraph August 2015 MLA’s must sort this out, victims deserve better

Belfast Telegraph August 24th 2015 IRA killed my boy and Sinn Fein knows who did it. 

Belfast Telegraph August 22nd 2015 As long as Sinn Fein gets off the hook, its armed monster will slaughter.

Belfast Telegraph August 2015 Let me be Frank, my haters are a sick joke.

Belfast Telegraph August 10th 2015 Trending with rage at my Frankie comments.

Belfast Telegraph August 2015 Frankie Boyle mocks insults disabled and laughs at rape, but could he summon up the courage to mock the IRA? Of course not. 

Sunday Independent 24th May 2015 : Authorities have apologised to me. So should Adams.

Copyright Gerry Mooney

Copyright Gerry Mooney

The findings of Sir Keir Starmer will prove to her young daughter that her mother did the right thing, says Mairia Cahill.



Belfast Telegraph 13 April 2015 :  Sinn Fein have consistently added insult to the Mc Conville’s injury.  READ MORE 

Jim Cogan

Jim Cogan

Sunday Independent 12 April 2015 Jean was not an accidental casualty of war, someone made the decision to kill her. 

Abducted by four women and four men at gunpoint in front of her 10 children, as some of them clung crying to her legs. Beaten, and driven across the Border to an IRA kangaroo court to meet her fate. Tortured, bones broken, made to kneel on the ground and shot in the head. Thrown into a ready-made grave, and covered over, until the sands of time eventually gave up her remains, 31 years later. “That’s what happens in war,” according to Gerry Adams speaking on CBS last week.  READ MORE




Interview with Austin Stack 22/3/15  Sunday independent

‘The IRA have been protecting the man who shot my father for 30 years’  READ MORE



Mairia Cahill: Sit up and notice before another child is abused 15/03/2015

Multiple sources all tell the same story. But Sinn Fein puts victims through more grief to protect itself, says Mairia Cahill. It is five months since I waived my right to anonymity on the BBC Spotlight programme. I agonised over this decision. At the time, I said that if even one person was helped by my disclosure, it will have been worth it. Now, Paudie McGahon has come forward to tell of his rape by his alleged abuser, and his treatment at the hands of Sinn Fein and the IRA. Instead of being relieved that someone else has come forward, I am horrified that anyone else was put through a similar experience to my own.
I am sick. Sick physically after an exhausting week. Sick of Sinn Fein denials. Sick to my stomach that the IRA had the self-imposed authority to re-abuse the abused. Sick that as a result, abusers are God knows where, doing God knows what to other people’s children. And sick that Sinn Fein have seemingly learned nothing when it comes to matters of child protection. For them, protecting themselves alone is more important.    READ MORE


From tracksuited Socialists to Tiocfaidh Armani. 01/03/2015 Sunday Independent

It’s amazing what a short bout of amnesia can do. It permeates your brain, fogging over everything, allowing you to criticise others while forgetting the past. Gerry Adams has it frequently. Maybe it’s the naked trampolining. So when Padraig Mac Lochlainn made the following comments in the Dail about cigarette and fuel smuggling, you can forgive me for thinking that he was suffering from said condition.   READ MORE


Cancer Girl’s family would be better off on social welfare 

Where is the humanity in the decision to refuse a very ill, bed-ridden young child a medical card, asks Mairia Cahill Sunday Independent 15/02/2015

It’s a nightmare no parent should have to face. A diagnosis of cancer for your child is beyond frightening. Add to that the fact that your medical bills are mounting and you have been refused support. So, the nightmare is compounded by additional worries that could be avoided if the State health service lost some of its rigidity. It’s a ludicrous situation.

Lucy O’Connor is a bright, beautiful nine-year-old girl with an infectious smile. She loves school and ballet, although she hasn’t been able to attend either since September, shortly after she was diagnosed with a rare Type B Lymphoma. READ MORE


Mairia Cahill: ‘I felt like I’d been kicked when Sinead O’Connor joined Sinn Fein’

O’Connor has been an advocate for abuse victims – which is why her joining Sinn Fein is so depressing  14/12/2014 |

I spoke to Sinead O’Connor yesterday.

I had thought before this phonecall that maybe my experiences at the hands of the IRA and SF had escaped her. I know after speaking to her that she was not fully aware of this issue. I welcomed the opportunity to explain it to her, and also listen to her views.  READ MORE 


‘Politicking is for politicians, but all I’ve ever done is answer honestly.’

The only one still shying away from answering hard questions is Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams, writes Mairia Cahill

I like Vincent Browne. I make a point of watching him when I can in the North. He’s controversial, and at times forensic, and when he has a politician in his grasp, sometimes I cheer at the TV as they squirm under pressure.  READ MORE


Vulnerable children left unprotected – the Sinn Fein way 02/11/2014

The longer Sinn Fein fails to tell gardai what it knows about sex abusers, the more children are at risk, writes Mairia Cahill

Everybody has an opinion. With any new story, people listen to the radio, or read a newspaper over coffee, digest it, think about it and talk about it.  READ MORE 






‘In a split second I remembered what it felt like to be frightened beyond belief’

Mairia Cahill explains how she felt when she found that a Twitter account in her abuser’s name had started following her, and why she wanted to meet the Taoiseach – so that he would know from her directly that she was telling the truth and to raise the issues of victim support and potential sex offenders being moved south of the Border by the IRA PUBLISHED 26/10/2014   READ MORE