Mairia’s memoir Rough Beast : My Story and the Reality of Sinn Fein, coming September 2023.

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A devastating memoir and the reality of Sinn Féin—Head of Zeus acquires Rough Beast by Mairia Cahill

Head of Zeus to publish Rough Beast by Mairia Cahill, a devastating memoir and a book of burning relevance

Adevastating memoir and a book of burning relevance to the future of Irish democracy, EIC Neil Belton has acquired Rough Beast, by Mairia Cahill. It will be published under the Apollo imprint in September 2023.

Polls show that Sinn Féin is now the most popular of all the political parties in Ireland, with particularly strong support among young people. It has positioned itself as a party of the left that can solve the housing crisis, impose a more equitable tax and health system, and promises a united Ireland.

18th January 2010

Slugger O Toole Child abuse – the story noone wants to think about  – Mick Fealty

11th May 2010

Child abuse accused Martin Morris denied bail

12th October 2014

Belfast Newsletter IRA rape probe is opened by Spotlight

14th October 2014

Slugger O Toole Update Spotlight investigation to explore republican treatment of abuse victim

Belfast Newsletter Gerry Adams is drawn into IRA sex abuse row in BBC Spotlight probe

Slugger O Toole Victim claims IRA and Sinn Fein members assigned to deal with her rape internally 

15th October 2014

Irish Mirror Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams caught up in another abuse scandal

Journal ie Gerry Adams denies claims about meeting with alleged rape victim

BBC News MLA’s seek Ford meeting over Spotlight IRA rape claim

Slugger O Toole Rape claim made to former West Belfast MLA and kept within Sinn Fein

Daily Mirror IRA rape victim : I was interrogated by group in Kangaroo Court

16th October 2014

Slugger O Toole Mairia Cahill : I am appalled, Gerry knows the truth, he knows I know the truth

CTV News Sinn Fein leader denies cover up of IRA mans rape of Belfast teen

Fox News Sinn Fein leader denies accusation of covering up IRA mans rape of Belfast 16 year old

Breaking News ie Adams ‘personally horrified’ at womans allegation

Highland Radio Mairia Cahill claims the IRA covered up abuse cases in Derry

Journal ie Sinn Fein offers to meet Mairia Cahill over IRA rape claims

Slugger O Toole Cahill scandal : Are we vailidating rape as normal psycho-sexual behaviour? Mick Fealty

Slugger O Toole Gerry Adams ‘delinquent’ story on the Cahill case

17th October 2o14

Belfast Newsletter Robinson to meet Mairia Cahill RTE must explain failure to interview Mairia Cahill Mairia Cahill I am not an isolated case

An Phoblacht Gerry Adams responds to allegations made by Mairia Cahill

Irish Mirror Sinn Fein leader denies he knew of abuse claims

Slugger O Toole Cahill demands full disclosure from Mary Lou Mc Donald and Sinn Fein

Epoch Times Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams accused of IRA rape cover up

18th October 2014

Irish Independent The courage of Mairia shines a light on dark secrets of IRA’s troubling past Dearbhail Mc Donald

BBC News Enda Kenny ‘happy’ to meet with Mairia Cahill Mary Lou : It is ‘reprehensible’ if the IRA carried out its own investigation into abuse claims

Irish Central Latest media attack on Gerry Adams fails the reality test

Slugger O Toole  Mairia Cahill : Issue transcends petty politics to put the safety of children first

Irish News Adams rejects claims that he tried to silence abuse victim Taoiseach says he will meet Mairia Cahill as pressure increases on Sinn Fein

19th October 2014

Irish Times Sinn Fein has failed in its handling of Cahill allegations, Martin

BBC News Peter Robinson to meet with Mairia Cahill

Breaking News ie Mairia Cahill to meet North’s First Minister

Daily Mirror Sinn Fein leader Adams describes how IRA acted as a police force

Irish Times Sinn Fein has failed in handling of Cahill allegations – Martin 

Breaking News ie Adams: IRA was ‘ill equipped’ to deal with abuse allegations Gerry Adams says IRA ‘failed victims’ on how it dealt with abuse allegations

Irish Central Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou Mc Donald denies claims of a cover up of abuse allegations

Irish Times Mc Donald : Allegations of abuse cover up are completely wrong

Breaking News ie O Snodaigh slams campaign against Adams

RTE News Taoiseach says he will meet IRA rape victim Mairia Cahill

Slugger O Toole Cahill brings up matter of recordings on her meetings with Adams

20th October 2014

Slugger O Toole Uncomfortable Truths for Sinn Fein Mairia Cahill

Belfast Telegraph Cahill vow to support abuse victims

Irish Central Gerry Adams and Enda Kenny in escalating war of words over Mairia Cahill affair

UTV  Cahill meets Robinson over claims 

Herald IRA failed the victims of sex abuse – Adams

Belfast Telegraph Mary Lou Mc Donald joins Gerry Adams in admitting she knew about IRA sex abuse courts 

Belfast Telegraph Slurs about family wont silence me, says IRA accuser Cahill Claire Williamson

Belfast Newsletter Abuse Victims have been frightened into silence

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill meets Peter Robinson, video

Breaking News Mairia Cahill : Someone else will come forward to prove Sinn Fein cover up

Irish Times Enda Kenny says more cases in abuse cover up

The Journal “Despicable” and “Mischievous” Taoiseach and Gerry Adams in war of words 

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams hits back at the Taoiseach’s claim that Sinn Fein have treated Mairia Cahill despicably

Irish Times Peter Robinson expresses support ahead of Mairia Cahill meeting

Herald Sex abuse scandal could be last straw for Adams and hurt Mary Lou’s ambitions

Belfast Telegraph Memo to Gerry Adams, Mairia Cahill has not gone away, you know Ruth Dudley Edwards

Belfast Telegraph Piece by piece the Sinn Fein Mountain of lies is starting to crumble…Nevin Farrell

Breaking News ie Mairia Cahill calls on Adams to quit

Irish Central Gerry Adams states that the IRA was ‘ill-equipped to deal with rapists and child abusers

Irish Independent Mairia Cahill, my grandfather recruited Gerry Adams into the IRA

21st October 2014

Irish Examiner IRA rape victim calls on Adams to resign

Irish Times Questions for Adams and Sinn Fein to answer in response to Mairia Cahill

Irish Times Mairia Cahill’s account of Interrogation rings true Gerry Moriarty

Mail Online IRA Rape Case Re opened

Irish Times  Mairia Cahill to meet Taoiseach tomorrow morning Gerry Moriarty

BBC News NI PPS announces review of Mairia Cahill cases

UTV PPS to review Cahill linked cases

Derry Journal Foyle MLA welcomes Cahill cases review

Slugger O Toole  Martin: Sinn Fein is failing even the most basic standards of decency Mick Fealty

Irish Independent Adams accused Taoiseach of making ‘sliabheen’ remarks over Mairia Cahill

October 22nd 2014 Enda Kenny to meet Mairia Cahill after a war of words with Gerry Adams

Breaking News ie Mairia Cahill to meet Taoiseach over abuse claims

Irish Times North’s DPP announces independent review of Cahill case Gerry Moriarty

Irish Times Mairia Cahill Timeline

Irish Independent Gerry Adams admission is a vindication

Irish Mirror Sinn Fein’s treatment of abuse victims is chillingly similar to the Catholic Church Aine Hegarty The Story Mairia Cahill has to tell is not just powerful, it will have serious consequences

Breaking News ie Taoiseach challenges Adams on safe houses for sex abusers

Herald Unlike Mairia, Adams always has problems with the truth

Belfast Telegraph IRA Kangaroo Courts, Man was also a victim of abuse Paul Williams

Irish Mirror Adams asked if he knew IRA sent paedophiles to Dundalk and Donegal

Irish Times Four named in Cahill case complain about Trial by Media

Irish Times Video Cahill meets compassionate Taoiseach

New York Times Northern Ireland orders inquiry into Cahill rape cases

RTE News Dail debates Mairia Cahill case as Taoiseach warns of serious consequences

New York Times Sinn Fein Leader is accused of covering up rape

Slugger O Toole Madden and Finucane on the ending of Cahill court case The Firemen

Breaking News Four Accused reject Mairia Cahill allegations

Reuters Gerry Adams apologises to IRA sex abuse victims

Belfast Newsletter IRA covered up abuse allegations, just like the Catholic Church

BBC News Adams says IRA let down sex abuse victims Mairia Cahill considers suing Sinn Fein members who called her a liar

Irish Examiner Point Scoring does a disservice to Ms Cahill

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein Junior Minister role in the Spotlight at Stormont 

October 23rd 2014

Irish Times This was not leaders questions as we know it, it was an unprecedented situation in the Dail Mairia Cahill blog allegations ‘shameful and cruel’

BBC News NI Mairia Cahill should meet Gerry Adams face to face, Carol Cullen Here’s what happened today

Slugger O Toole Assertion in blog shameful and cruel The Firemen

Irish Mirror I believe Mairia Cahill was raped Mc Guinness  Victoria Mc Mahon Why wasn’t Mary Lou quizzing Joan Burton in the Dail today?

Belfast Telegraph Aquittals are being ignored – Peter Madden

UTV Adams apologises over abuse claims

Herald Kenny wouldnt be doing his job if he didnt target Gerry Andrew Lynch

Irish Times Cahill leaves Adams and Sinn Fein reeling

Breaking SF Toibin Ive no doubt the IRA moved abusers, that was wrong

Irish Central Kenny and Adams clash over abuse case

Irish Central Joe Cahill accusations a new low for British Journalism

Sky News Australia IRA sex abuse claims stir political storm Archbishop on IRA abuse claims, let the truth come out

Herald Sinn Fein’s pathetic excuses dont cover the horror of sexual abuse Anton Savage

October 24th 2014

Irish Times Taoiseach describes meeting Mairia Cahill as ‘a privilege’

Irish Mirror Adams and his party have sinned, just like the Church Pat Flanagan

Belfast Newsletter Another Sinn Fein abuse scandal where nobody’s been held to account Sammy Wilson Burton Sinn Fein must explain its handling of Cahill case

Belfast Newsletter Adams must apologise

Mayo Advertiser Sinn Fein councillors hit out at politically motivated camp 

Irish Examiner Adams must be held to account like any other politician Alison O Connor

Irish Mirror Mairia Cahill being harassed online by IRA man who made her face her rapist in a room

Senator Ivana Bacik statements on Mairia Cahill

October 25th 2014

Belfast Telegraph I’ve had to move home 4 times and now fear for my safety Claire Williamson

Slugger O Toole Sinn Fein’s contradictory stance Mick Fealty

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams blasts paedo claims James Ward Here’s what happened today

Irish Times Adams hits out at opponents

Belfast Telegraph Week of political reverberations follow Mairia Cahill revelations Claire Williamson

Belfast Newsletter Adams Comparing Sinn Fein to Catholic church is ridiculous

Irish Times Mairia Cahill Unanswered Questions

Highland Radio Listen Back, Mairia Cahill

RTE News Four Accused of Cahill cover up advised not to meet Taoiseach

Herald Kenny, Adams must tell the truth about abusers

Herald Mairia Cahill left vilified as blogger labels rape sexual liaison Niall O Connor

October 26th 2014 The week in quotes

Slugger O Toole Mairia Cahill –  A statement

Irish Mirror Pursuing rape case has left me homeless and in debt Sarah Bardon

Belfast Newsletter Gerry Adams is accused of deflecting abuse cover up claims

Irish Central Double blow for Adams and Sinn Fein in latest Irish opinion polls Patrick Counihan

October 27th 2014

Irish Examiner The Kangaroo Crew jump to conclusions in bid to condemn Terry Prone

Belfast Telegraph Like Mairia Cahill we want the truth to be told, even if hearing it is painful Nuala Mc Keever

BBC News NI Mairia Cahill Timeline of IRA Rape allegations How much more damage can the Mairia Cahill controversy inflict on Sinn Fein

Belfast Telegraph I was in Dissident Political Party, but its all a smear campaign

Belfast Telegraph In fairness when it came to killing, the IRA were always keen on equal opportunities I am now homeless and in debt

Herald Tanaiste rounds on Sinn Fein over moving abusers

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams paedophile brother was deported to the South by Sinn Fein, it is claimed

Belfast Telegraph So much mud now sticking to Sinn Fein..

October 28th 2014

Irish News Sinn Fein distanced itself over Nelis blog comments 

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill hits back over dissident republican group link Deborah Mc Aleese

Irish Times Mairia Cahill’s rape allegations to be investigated

RTE Two selected to review Mairia Cahill cases

Breaking Mairia Cahill tells Gerry Adams ‘Go away and hang your head in shame’

Belfast Telegraph PPS under pressure to publish Gerry Adams report

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill Republicanism closes ranks over case that threatens to shatter its myths

October 29th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Human Rights lawyer Sir Keir Starmer to lead review into Cahill cases

Belfast Newsletter Mairia Cahill article by Sinn Fein linked academic ‘contemptible’ Enda Kenny has absolutely no problem in meeting 4 accused in Cahill case

Breaking Sinn Fein Party should do all it can for Mairia Cahill

Slugger O Toole Calumnies sting without disabling Mick Fealty

Belfast Telegraph Top Lawyer to review Mairia Cahill rape cases

Irish Times Renowned Lawyer to head Mairia Cahill inquiry

Socialist Party Cover up exposes Paramilitarism, justice for Mairia Cahill

October 30th 2014

Belfast Newsletter Mairia Cahill IRA accused refuse to meet Irish PM

Irish Times Four accused over Cahill cover up allegations decline meeting with Taoiseach

Irish Times Women past and present haunt the men of Sinn Fein Conor Lally

Belfast Telegraph Gerry Adams abuse inquiries are being hidden Nigel Dodds

Irish Central Abused and raped by the IRA, Mairia Cahill’s fight for the truth John Spain

Irish Times Enda Kenny willing to meet Ira Investigators

The Impartial Reporter I believe Gerry Adams – Martina Anderson

October 31st 2014 My abuser was given money and moved out of NI

November 1st 2014

Irish Independent Abused, vilified, used as a political toy, but the public believes Mairia Cahill Dearbhail Mc Donald

November 2nd 2014 Enda Kenny, Gerry Adams must tell us where child abusers are

November 3rd 2014

Irish Mirror Mary Lou insists IRA members who interrogated alleged rape victim are ‘decent people’

Herald Ten Reasons why Sinn Fein cant be trusted to govern

RTE News Women willing to take part in Mairia Cahill review

Belfast Telegraph You can depend on Red Roy Greenslade to support Sinn Fein Ruth Dudley Edwards

Irish Times Gerry Adams will not resign over Mairia Cahill controversy

Herald Two women tell of abuse horror by Mairia rapist 

The Irish Times Cahill affair has dented image of a party on an inevitable rise

November 4th 2014

Global Post Sex Abuse scandal puts Sinn Fein in the Spotlight

Irish Times DUP says position of Sinn Fein Minister untenable

Irish Mirror Republicans want to keep me silent Sarah Bardon

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams defends behaviour on Twitter after he tweets poem about sexiness of a woman

Belfast Newsletter Ann Travers : Why I have quit Twitter

Belfast Telegraph Republics politicians playing politics over Mairia Cahill The odd exchange between Adams and a TV3 journalist over Twitter behaviour

Slugger O Toole Sinn Fein continues to flout its own guidelines over sexual abuse The Fireman

November 5th 2014

Irish Times Mc Guinness calls for all island sex abuse victims support body

Belfast Newsletter Paul Givan calls on DPP to ‘consider his position’

BBC News NI Justice Committee inquiry into abuse allegations by republicans

BBC News NI DUP calls for Junior Minister Jennifer Mc Cann to step down

UTV   Cahill case, Minister urged to quit

Democracy Live DUP calls on Sinn Fein Minister to resign

Irish Times Cahill considers civil action after her letters are released

November 6th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Mc Guinness Support service should be set up David Young

Irish Independent Editorial Questions mounting for Gerry Adams

November 7th 2014

BBC Democracy Live Committee to hold sex abuse inquiry

Irish Times Adams rounds on critics at $500 a head New York Dinner

Irish Independent Adams ‘editor at gunpoint’ remark at $500 a plate NY dinner Orlaith Farrell

November 8th 2014

Irish Independent Adams jokes about Mairia coverage at NYC dinner

Herald Mairia Cahill’s anger at Gerry Adams New York Speech Niall O Connor

November 9th 2014

Sunday Independent Mary Lou defends Adams sick murder threat joke

Sunday Independent Sinn Fein is holding a gun rather than a mirror up to the truth Eilis O’Hanlon

November 10th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Adams blasted for editor at gunpoint joke Niall O Connor

Breaking Call for inquiry into alleged abuse of children by paramilitaries

November 11th 2014

Irish Mirror Enda Kenny received further allegations of sex abuse by the IRA Sarah Bardon

Herald Veronica Guerin’s family slam Adams for gun joke Niall O Connor

November 12th 2014

Herald Gerry Adams urged to retract editors gun remarks Niall O Connor Claire Murphy TD will give gardai names of sex abusers

Irish Times Kenny attacks Sinn Fein and tells Dail IRA covered up abuse and protected “the untouchables”

Yahoo News Here’s what happened today – on Dail Debate

RTE News Adams rejects claims Sinn Fein covered up abuse allegations Mary Lou says she will walk through the hot coals of hell

BBCNI Gerry Adams ‘led enquiry’ into victims of republican sex abuse, Dail told Micheal Martin tells Dail of harrowing sexual abuse suffered by two brothers

Irish Mirror TD to give Gardai names of 8 ‘sex beasts’ Sarah Bardon

Irish Times Full text of Enda Kenny’s speech on claims of sex abuse by republicans

Telegraph uk Gerry Adams, the rape scandal and his hatred of free speech Ruth Dudley Edwards

Irish Times World Editors condemn Gerry Adams ‘editor at gunpoint’ comment

Belfast Telegraph Exiled IRA abusers in double figures Niall O’Connor State of the Nation, why its going to be a difficult day for Sinn Fein

November 13th 2014

Irish Examiner Exasperation and disbelief as victim shakes her head at Sinn Fein leader 

Breaking News ie Sinn Fein no confidence in Ceann Comhairle

Slugger O’Toole Highlights of the Cahill debate in Dail Eireann

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou Mc Donald accused of disgraceful political stunt after Dail sit in

Irish Central Adams denies claims SF covered up abuse Nick Bramhill

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein man in Mairia Cahill probe took part in other inquiries

Breaking Varadkar : I dont believe Gerry Adams’ denials in claims over abuse

RTE News Mc Donald says alleged IRA rapists were “relocated” 

The Journal Mc Donald “I smile easily”

November 14th 2014

Irish Times How Sinn Fein’s past compromises its future 

Irish Mirror How we are living in an Orwellian State where lies are peddled as facts Pat Flanagan

November 15th 2014

Slugger O’Toole Review of SDLP Conference Alan in Belfast

Irish Times Gerry Adams criticises ‘petulant’ Ceann Comhairle Mark Hilliard

Herald TD Doherty gives names of 8 abusers to Gardai Philip Ryan

Irish Examiner Invocation of men of 1916 has backfired Michael Clifford

November 16th 2014

Irish Times Mairia Cahill says names of abusers being handed over to Gardai (SDLP Conference) Gerry Moriarty

Impartial Reporter SDLP ‘will not be distracted by electoral pacts’

Guardian They may smear me as a traitor, but IRA will never stop me telling how I was raped Henry McDonald

November 17th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Gardai given names of two dozen sex abusers moved by IRA Liam Clarke

Mail Online Could Mairia bring down Adams? Peter Mc Kay

November 18th 2014

BBC Democracy Live Report says paramilitary child abuse claims ‘persuasive’

The Telgraph I was raped by an IRA member, I wont let them cover it up any longer Radhika Sanghani

Herald Mary Lou’s Sit in Dail Stunt cost tax payers £130k Niall O’Connor

November 19th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Hidden face of child sex teens smuggled into army barracks by soldiers and paramilitaries

Irish Central Sinn Fein party’s real Irish Water agenda John Spain

November 21st 2014 

Talk of the Cllr Pease Mc Geough to be interviewed by Gardai over Kangaroo Court Allegations

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill’s father protests outside Sinn Fein meeting at Queen’s University Lindsay Fergus

Belfast Telegraph Gardai ‘set to quiz’ Sinn Fein man Paul Williams

Belfast Telegraph Press take cover from Gerry Adams crude sniper fire Finola Meredith

November 22nd 2014 

Green Left Weekly Ireland: Government drowns under water revolt, rising Sinn Fein Duroyan Fertl

November 23rd 2014

The An investigation into IRA abuse is needed to realise the scale of it 

November 24th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Cross Border Abuse Probe on Hold 

Mail Online Sinn Fein delivers list of suspected IRA rapists 

The Gardai given names of more than 30 IRA abusers 

Fox News Sinn Fein gives police list of suspected IRA rapists, child abusers as Government mulls probe

Irish Independent Exiled IRA child abusers likely to have raped again Mark O Regan

Irish Times Mairia Cahill case has caused intense suffering for abuse survivors Patsy Mc Garry

Irish Times Cross Border abuse Inquiry may be very challenging Barry Roche

Belfast Telegraph Fears Provisional IRA paedophiles free to rape more victims Mark O’Reagan

Irish Times All-island abuse inquiry considered by Government Mary Minihan

Breaking Government considering cross border inquiry into sex abuse

Belfast Telegraph Bertie Ahern : Adams was never in IRA? Then I wasnt in Fianna Fail Chris Kilpatrick

November 25th 2014 

New York Times Inquiry into Rape Claims against Irish Republican Army Douglas Dalby

Sunday World online The General murder suspect on IRA paedophile list Alan Sherry

University Times After protest at Hamilton Building, Mary Lou cancels visit to Trinity Jack Leahy

Irish Central IRA chiefs give names of suspected abusers to police James Kelly

The Guardian IRA members under investigation for child abuse Henry Mc Donald

RTE News Ford not opposed to cross border IRA abuse inquiry

November 26th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Adams :Mike Nesbitt leads attack on Trojan Horse comment which will haunt him for years .

November 28th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Cross Border abuse probe refloated

Irish Examiner Gardaí deny SF claims of ‘sitting on abuse’ Juno Mc Enroe

November 29th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Fury over Mairia Cahill being directed at innocent people Mc Guinness Niall O’Connor

November 30th 2014 

Slugger O’Toole The trolling of Ann Travers The Firemen

December 2nd 2014

Irish Mirror Taoiseach’s Aide claims he got a phone threat after Kenny met rape victim Mairia Cahill S Bardon

December 4th 2014

Irish Times Poll Support for Gerry Adams declines in wake of response to Mairia Cahill allegations

December 5th 2014

Washington Post World Digest on Sir Keir Starmer review Review into Mairia Cahill cases will interview “whomever is required” 

BBC News Mairia Cahill allegations Sir Keir Starmer opens prosecution cases review Vincent Kearney

Belfast Newsletter Mairia Cahill rape case “robust” review promised 

Breaking Review begins into Mairia Cahill rape allegations

Irish Central Dramatic decline in support for Fine Gael and Labour as Independents power ahead Kayla Hertz

December 6th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill meets top lawyer Sir Keir Starmer reviewing IRA abuse claims Adrian Rutherford

Irish Times Fitzgerald says scale and scope of cross border sexual abuse enquiry unknown Fiach Kelly

Irish Times British QC holds “constructive” meeting with Mairia Cahill Gerry Moriarty

December 7th 2014

Sunday Independent Abusing rape victims doesnt win elections Eilis O’Hanlon

Sunday Independent Teachers! Dont leave our kids on their own Eoghan Harris

December 8th 2014

Irish Mirror Stunts cant hide Sinn Fein secrets Regina Doherty TD

December 9th 2014

The Guardian Sinead O’Connor joins Sinn Fein, and calls for Gerry Adams to step down Henry Mc Donald

December 13th 2014 

Irish Independent Let us pray…for Sinn Fein  Liam Fay

Irish Independent Disgust at abuse disclosures should now trigger profound change and real reform Liz O’Donnell

Irish Examiner Shinners are like the Fianna Fail men of old Michael Clifford

December 14th 2014 

Sunday Independent Sinead O’Connor : I was repeatedly molested as a child by a member of Sinn Fein

Sunday Independent I felt like I’d been kicked when Sinead O’Connor joined Sinn Fein Mairia Cahill

Sunday Independent On guarding against the Group think of Bungalow 3 Eoghan Harris

Belfast Newsletter Mairia Cahill : I felt like I’d been kicked when Sinead O’Connor joined SF Gemma Murray Gardai called over spat involving Enda Kenny’s aide Philip Ryan

U.TV I was abused by Sinn Fein member – O’Connor

Sunday Independent Micheal Martin may become the next Taoiseach – but by default Jody Corcoran

Sunday Independent Enda has one chance to take on Sinn Fein Willie Kealy

Sunday Independent Provo women fought but let men lead Jim Cusack

December 15th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill : I can understand now that Sinead O’Connors heart was in right place

Herald Sinead reveals Sex Abuse in a letter to Mairia Fiona Dillon

December 16th 2014

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams tells Sinead O’Connor to go to the Gardai Sarah Bardon

The Journal Gerry Adams says Sinead O’Connor needs to take abuse allegations to Gardai

December 17th 2014

Belfast Telegraph Sinead O’Connor calls for demolition of Irish Republic Kiran Moodley

Irish Independent Adams tells O’Connor to report abuse to the Gardai Philip Ryan

Newstalk FM Gerry Adams advises Sinead O’Connor to go to the Gardai with abuse allegations Sue Murphy

December 20th 2014 

Irish Times Ceann Comhairle Sean Barret accuses Sinn Fein of using him as a pawn Fiach Kelly

December 21st 2014

Sunday Independent Is this really Enda Kenny’s idea of how to “man up”? Gene Kerrigan

Sunday Independent Politicans who seek to erase the past can still be defeated by it Eilis O’Hanlon

Sunday Independent Mairia Cahill scandal makes serious dent in Sinn Fein support Jody Corcoran John Drennan

Sunday Independent Freedom that lies at the heart of feminism is still under fire Anne Harris

Sunday Independent 90 years after they split, FF and FG may end up together in Government Shane Coleman

December 22nd 2014

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill scandal hurting Sinn Fein Noel Mc Adam

December 27th 2014

Irish Examiner The A to Z of 2014 Michael Clifford

December 28th 2014

Sunday Independent Lunatics have taken over the social media asylum Eilis O’Hanlon

Sunday Independent Shatter declares war on Sinn Fein facists and party bully boys Barry Egan Irish Women who inspired us in 2014 Ellie’s blog

Sunday Independent All change for the New Year on Irish radio Eilis O’Hanlon

December 30th 2014

Irish Independent Gerry Adams plans 32nd run for Sinn Fein leadership Brian Byrne

Irish Independent Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou Mc Donald no regrets over handling of Cahill allegations

The Guardian Gerry Adams has no plans to step aside as Sinn Fein leader Henry Mc Donald

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams “I have no plans to step aside” Brian Byrne

Irish Independent The year that was, Ireland in pictures 2014  Denise Calnan

December 31st 2014 

Irish Independent “I have no regrets over Cahill affair”- Mc Donald Niall O Connor, Geraldine Gittens

Irish Mirror Mairia Cahill blasts Mary Lou Mc Donald’s treatment of abuse victims as shameful Sarah Bardon

January 3rd 2015 

Belfast Telegraph Taoiseach Enda Kenny is urging caution on IRA abuse inquiry Niall O Connor

Irish Independent Taoiseach casts doubt over a cross-border abuse inquiry Niall O Connor

January 4th 2015

Sunday Independent Time to put pressure on Sinn Fein, the Vapers Party Eoghan Harris

Sunday Independent Putting a human face on last year’s big stories Eilis O Hanlon

January 7th 2015

Irish Independent Events in Paris show Adams editor at gunpoint remark no joke – Cahill Niall O Connor

January 10th 2015

Irish Independent Practice over as parties joust for position on the starting grid Philip Ryan

The Argus Cahill claims haunted Adams and Sinn Fein

January 15th 2015

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams biggest loser in first opinion poll of 2015 Sarah Bardon

January 18th 2015

Sunday Independent Human nature reveals its dark side on the Internet Eilis O’Hanlon

Sunday Independent What we need is an integrated Ireland – not a united Ireland Eoghan Harris

January 19th 2015

Irish Mirror Mairia Cahill brands Gerry Adams a liar and a disgrace Sarah Bardon

Slugger O’Toole No internal investigation by SF into Mairia Cahill allegations Mick Fealty

Irish Mirror Gerry Adams Interview, SF leader confirms he met with Gardai Sarah Bardon

Irish Examiner Gerry Adams has given ‘no thought’ of Taoiseach job Juno Mc Enroe

January 22nd 2015

Irish Central Gerry Adams wont compromise if he wins Irish Election Paddy Clancy

January 25th 2015

Sunday Independent Fianna Fail Senator Avril Power “absolutely” rules out sharing power with SF Philip Ryan

Sunday Independent Ceann Comahirle to stay, political jockeying to end Philip Ryan John Drennan

Tyrone Times Food, not flags on people’s minds says Gildernew

January 26th 2015

Irish Independent Great Arts Quiz 2014 Madeleine Keane

January 28th 2015

Guardian Sinead O’Connor withdraws her application to join Sinn Fein Henry Mc Donald

Herald Sinead O’Connor : I wont be joining Sinn Fein Niall O’ Connor

January 30th 2015

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill’s armchair provo trolls sink to sickest depths Finola Meredith

January 31st 2015

Irish Times Editorial Ill-founded accusations against Ceann Comhairle

February 1st 2015

Sunday Independent Ceann Comhairle Barret now faces three pronged threat John Drennan

Sunday Independent Gardai to question IRA sex abusers shielded by Provos Maeve Sheehan Jim Cusack

Sunday Independent Nothing compares to being your own woman, Sinead Eilis O’Hanlon

February 2nd 2015

Irish Independent Shooting from the hip is a very risky game John Downing

February 11th 2015

Irish Examiner Watch out Sinn Fein, angry Ireland has another mega political voice Gerard Howlin

February 13th 2015

Irish Independent Family of Veronica Guerin fear campaign to name flyover… Niall O Connor

February 15th 2015

Sunday Independent Gardai quiz ex IRA boss on Sex Abuse Maeve Sheehan

Sunday Independent Cancer girls family would be better off on social welfare Mairia Cahill

February 16th 2015

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein most popular party In ROI as support for Independents falls Jody Corcoran

February 18th 2015

Belfast Telegraph Cold and calculating Gerry Adams is never a twit Eilis O’Hanlon

February 20th 2015

The Journal Gerry Adams : Ive given the guards names of alleged IRA sex offenders

February 22nd 2015 

Sunday Independent Liz Mc Manus Seans the love of my life Edel Coffey

Sunday Independent Waking hours with Regina Doherty TD Ciara Dwyer

February 23rd 2015 

Irish Independent Negative campaigning continues to bring positive poll results for Sinn Fein Mandy Johnston

February 28th 2015

Newstalk FM Labour has given “James Larkin” award to Mairia Cahill

Slugger O’Toole Mairia Cahill honoured with James Larkin Award

March 1st 2015

Sunday Independent From tracksuited Socialists to Tiocfaidh Armani Mairia Cahill

Sunday Independent We are still counting the cost of 2bn price of peace Jim Cusack

Sunday Independent Some queries are just out of the question. Period. Eilis O’Hanlon

March 2nd 2015

Irish Independent I probably would have been killed if I had spoken sooner Niall O Connor

March 4th 2015

Irish Independent Letters to the Editor, Cahill is putting children first

Irish Examiner Mary Lou Mc Donald dismisses election pact with Labour Fiachra O Coinnaith

March 6th 2015

Irish Independent The Yates Anthology

March 8th 2015

Irish Times Mc Guinness and Adams prime party for electoral battles ahead Gerry Moriarty

March 10th  2015

 BBC Spotlight – Second IRA Rape Victim speaks out.  Jennifer O’Leary

Irish Independent – How I was raped by an IRA man and faced a Kangaroo Court – Paul Williams.

Laois Nationalist – Adams expresses deep regret following IRA abuse claims. 

The Journal – Micheal Martin – I know Gerry Adams was Chief of Staff of the IRA

Belfast Newsletter – Another IRA victim speaks out. 

Irish Independent  – Micheal Martin tells Dail Gerry Adams is a former chief of staff of the IRA

The Guardian – Second IRA Victim accuses Sinn Fein of abuse cover up – Henry Mc Donald

Belfast Telegraph – Adams expresses regret over abuse case

Belfast Live Spotlight programme hears claims IRA man used ghost stories to abuse teenager. Maurice Fitzmaurice

Irish Independent Joan Burton describes Sinn Fein’s welfare reform uturn as “interesting” Niall O’Connor

March 11th 2015

IRA abuse claims – Spotlight programme raises more questions than answers Jennifer O’Leary

Irish Independent Sinn Fein orchestrated crisis in North as a distraction (Burton)

Irish Times Cameron urged to help set up inquiry into IRA rape claims – Gerry Moriarty

Irish Examiner – Mc Gahon – TD’s letter to victim a red herring – Conall O’Fatharta

BBC News – Paudie Mc Gahon – Police prepare IRA ‘rape claim’ file

Belfast Newsletter Sinn Fein MP apologises for offence caused by tweet

Irish Independent It took me years to speak out and now I want others to do the same

Irish Times Louth man claims he was raped by an IRA member when he was 17. 

BBC News Gerry Adams says he believes IRA rape victim

The Herald  Gerry Adams says he cant and wont investigate Mc Gahon rape claim

Irish Examiner  Kenny Vows action for IRA abuse victims

BreakingNewsie Adams urges family members or otherwise to offer info on alleged rapist

Irish Independent SF MP Francie Molloy apologises over tweet describing abuse allegations as rubbish

Belfast Newsletter Cahill pours scorn on IRA’s Mickey Mouse psychiatrists Gemma Murray

Irish Independent Sinn Fein describing my abuse as rubbish is very hurtful

Newstalk FM The Reaction to Paudie Mc Gahon abuse allegations 

Irish Independent Gerry Adams refuses to say whether he could locate alleged Paudie Mc Gahon abuser

Newstalk  Gerry Adams on Paudie Mc Gahon alleged perpetrator

The Journal – Sinn Fein Gerry Adams abuse

Yahoo News 

Belfast Live

Newstalk The case of Paudie Mc Gahon to be featured in BBC Documentary tonight

Irish Times  Fianna Fail calls for independent abuse inquiry Sinn Fein MP sorry for calling Spotlight rubbish

Irish Independent Editorial Sinn Fein attempt to distract from abuse

Belfast Newsletter  IRA man raped me then he threatened to kill me

A BBC Spotlight programme has again exposed the underbelly of republicanism Mark Devenport 

Belfast Telegraph IRA abuse claims: There are many more sex victims like Paudie, Mairia Cahill tells Sinn Fein  

March 12th 2015

Belfast Telegraph At least 60 people were abused by Provos claims Mairia Cahill  Niall O’Connor

Herald Opinion Sex abuse claims threaten to bury Adams for good  Andrew Lynch

Irish Times Sinn Fein plays victim as Mc Gahon row rages on   Miriam Lord

Irish Times Dail Sketch Fianna Fail and Government challenge SF on rape allegations

Irish Independent  Taoiseach – Gerry Adams has left children at risk

Irish Examiner  Adams feels heat of Kangaroo Court claims  Mick Clifford

Herald – SF tries to protect abuse victims Mc Donald

Herald Ive given police names on 35 alleged abusers Cahill

Newstalk FM Put yourself in my shoes with the fear I went through lying on a bed crying your heart out

Newstalk FM A Bishop who learned in 09 that a rapist was living in a community and did nothing…

Irish Independent SF Molloy sorry for vile tweet

Irish Examiner IRA Rapist from top republican family

Irish Independent At least 60 considering going public Niall O Connor

Irish Examiner Rape Victim gives police 35 abusers names

Irish Independent  Who’s who in SF debacle

Irish Independent There are dozens more like me out there says IRA rape victim

Irish Independent No amount of SF spin can undermine these victims stories Martina Devlin

Belfast Telegraph SF MP Molloy must apologise in person to Mc Gahon over offensive tweet

Irish Independent Editorial Sinn Fein Voters must reflect

Belfast Telegraph Sex abuse victims must not be collateral damage  Liam Clarke

RTE News IRA abuse allegations

The Irish Post SF under fire as fresh Ira abuse victim comes forward

13th March 2015

Irish Times Kenny says he doesn’t believe Adams on abuse case claims

Irish Examiner Secret SF probe into 40 cases of abuse 

Slugger O Toole This stuff keeps resurrecting and its not going away Mick Fealty

Irish Independent Sinn Fein Deputy Leader Standing by Adams defies logic Lise Hand

Irish Examiner Just how many more skeletons will emerge from the Sinn Fein Closet Alison O Connor

Herald  Id have told the Guards about rape  Mc Donald

Irish Examiner Call for inquiry into abuse allegations

NewstalkFM  What did Gerry Adams know?

Irish Independent Sinn Fein suffering a crisis of credibility

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou insists she would have told guards

14th March 2015

Irish Independent Kenny : Adams has duty to provide Gardai with info

Irish Independent Deeply Disturbing claims deserve far better reponse from on high in SF Daniel Mc Connell

Irish Independent Wilson held power over life and death of IRA volunteers if they transgressed Alan Murray

Newstalk FM Low week for SF Paraic Gallagher

Irish Times Sinn Fein casts a dark shadow over Irish Democracy Stephen Collins

15th March 2015

Sunday Independent Sit up and notice before another child is abused Mairia Cahill

Sunday Independent Rooted in the North, SF isnt fit for office in the Republic Ronan Fanning

Sunday Independent Chilling how SF’s next generation is willing to go along with the silence Eilis O Hanlon

Sunday Independent Paudie puts Spotlight on SF’s cult side Eoghan Harris

Sunday Independent How Adams has dodged the real questions in his responses Maeve Sheehan

Sunday Independent When in trouble, SF just stages another crisis Ruth Dudley Edwards

Sunday Independent By circling their wagon train, Sinn Fein arnet going anywhere

16th March 2015

Breaking News Mairia Cahill contacted by another abuse victim

Belfast Telegraph Gerry Adams dodges the real issues with his cryptic repsonses over IRA abuse claims

Belfast Telegraph Editor’s Viewpoint Adams must set the record straight

Irish Mirror  Sinn Fein must act on IRA legacy of abuse Regina Doherty

Irish Examiner Adams must tell all to gardai Shaun Connolly / Juno Mc Enroe

Irish Independent Deeply disturbing claims deserve far better from on high in SF Daniel Mc Connell

17th March 2015

The Daily Beast IRA accused of child abuse cover up Dana Kennedy

Irish Independent When the going gets tough, Spin Fein gets going  Lise Hand

Irish Independent Sinn Feins credo : Ireland be damned as long as we’re alright Brendan Howlin

Irish Examiner Moving abusers a big concern Shaun Connolly

18th March 2015

RTE BLOG Questions for Sinn Fein?  Claire Byrne

Belfast Telegraph Gerry Adams is the ultimate OTR who’s fleeing from the truth Eilis O’Hanlon

The Herald Sex abuse scandal shows us how SF would govern if the voters elect them Gerry O Carroll

19th March 2015

Irish Independent Enda Kenny tells Gerry Adams to sort out Stormont crisis Niall O Connor

Irish Central  Sinn Fein in sex abuse crisis are just like the Catholic Church John Spain

21st March 2015

Irish Independent US coolness a sign of normal politics Liz O Donnell

22nd March 2015

Sunday Independent IRA “abusers” in frame for murder of prison officer Maeve Sheehan

Slugger O Toole Adams and child abuse “If you keep telling a lie often enough, sometimes people will believe it

Sunday Independent Gardai follow up new leads on Paudie ‘rapist’

Sunday Independent The IRA have been protecting the man who shot my father for 30 years

23rd March 2015

Belfast Telegraph Gerry Adams credibility is at zero…he has no decency left  Adrian Rutherford

24th March 2015

Irish Independent  IRA murderer of prison officer also a sex abuser 

Irish Independent IRA man who had my father shot is an alleged sex abuser Austin Stack

25th March 2015

Irish Times Good news for the Coalition – poll

Belfast Newsletter DUP MLA clarifies criticism of Gregory Campbell’s Irish jibe.

28th March 2015

Irish Independent The Yates Anthology FF needs a manifesto now 

29th March 2015

Irish Independent Mairia Cahill meets gardai

30th March 2015

Irish Independent Gardai probe 40 republican abusers Niall O Connor

Herald 40 republican sex abuse suspects probed by gardai 

Belfast Telegraph 40 republican sex abuse suspects probed by gardai 

31st March 2015

Irish Independent NI’s Justice Minister Abuse inquiry Complex  Niall O Connor

6th April 2015

Irish Independent Paudie Mc Gahon’s IRA rapist named in new abuse claim Maeve Sheehan Daniel Mc Connell

7th April 2015

Irish Independent Gerry Adams has tried to reduce a mother of 10 to just a thing Seamus Mc Kendry

14th April 2015 

Irish Independent  Sinn Fein refuses to face the appalling vista of prolonged campaign of violence Eddie Molloy

15th April 2015

Queen’s Newspaper The Gown still makes the headlines as it marks it’s 60th year

Tanaiste blasts Mary Lou Mc Donald for her grandstanding and stunt politics Daniel Mc Connell

Yahoo News Now Joan Burton has had a go at Mary Lou Mc Donald over her “stunt politics”

UTV Ireland Tanaiste accuses Sinn Fein of playing stunt politics

17th April 2015

Fine Gael TD calls for IRA abusers probe Niall O Connor

18th April 2015

The Daily Beast Stakeknife, a double agent at the Heart of Northern Ireland’s Troubles Dana Kennedy

21 April 2015

The Belfast Telegraph How the faceless haters are running amok on Twitter Gail Walker

23 April 2015

Yahoo News A Minister for Dublin and the scrapping of Water Charges

25 April 2015

Slugger O’ Toole Two’s Trouble : Double Acts in Irish History Hiriam Morgan

27th April 2015

Irish Independent Fine Gael TD calls for IRA abusers probe

May 10th 2015

Sunday Independent Shinners rumbled on Austerity Message Eilis O’Hanlon

May 22nd 2015

Irish Independent North’s DPP apologises to Mairia Cahill over mishandling of abuse allegations

Irish Independent Mairia Cahill : I welcome apology from the DPP 

Irish Times North’s DPP apologises to Mairia Cahill over mishandling of abuse case Gerry Moriarty

RTE News NI Prosecution service apologises to Mairia Cahill

The Guardian Prosecution Service failed alleged IRA abuse victims says Sir Keir Starmer Henry Mc Donald

Belfast Telegraph Starmer report : Mairia Cahill and other alleged IRA rape victims let down by PPS

Yahoo News : Northern Irish Justice System apologises to Mairia Cahill over handling of her case 

The Times (London) Victims of IRA sexual abuse given apology

23rd May 2015

Irish Times Sir Keir Starmer report is a vindication of Mairia Cahill Gerry Moriarty

Irish Mirror “We’re sorry we failed you”.

Irish Independent Abuse victim tossed around political arena like a broken toy Dearbhail Mc Donald

Irish Independent Cahill :Im vindicated but my alleged abuser will never face justice Niall O Connor

Irish Examiner North’s DPP apologises to women of alleged IRA sexual abuse David Young

Belfast Telegraph Victim Mairia ‘gutted’ that PPS failings mean accused won’t face justice Deborah McAleese

25th May 2015

Irish Independent Mary Lou seeks to defend Adams over Mairia ‘uncle’ claims Philip Ryan

Irish Examiner Criticism as Adams denies rape cover-up Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Newstalk Mairia Cahill says her family is seeking legal advice following claims by Gerry Adams

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill: Gerry Adams could be sued for slander by 12 uncles Philip Ryan

Irish Independent Adams is a coward for refusing live debate, says Mairia Philip Ryan and Niall O’Connor

26th May 2015

Belfast Telegraph Deafening silence on Mairia Cahill case Henry McDonald

Irish Examiner Cahill urges SF to clarify issues over accused’s defence Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

28th May 2015

Belfast Live Two alleged victims of rape and IRA cover-ups claim they were “failed miserably” by the criminal justice system Alan Erwin

31st May 2015

Sunday Independent Don’t cloud Yes triumph with these witch-hunts Eoghan Harris

Sunday Independent Gardai now probe leaks about IRA sex abusers Maeve Sheehan

8th June 2015

Irish Examiner Social workers concerned document tips balance of rights in favour of sex abuse accused Catherine Shanahan

12th June 2015

Belfast Telegraph Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory defends leadership Lesley-Anne McKeown

Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland’s chief prosecutor Barra McGrory clashes with MLAs Adrian Rutherford

15th June 2015

Irish Independent Mairia Cahill describes £110,000 bill from halted prosecution of alleged IRA man as ‘regrettable but necessary

26th June 2015

BBC BBC NI Spotlight wins three CIPR NI Media awards

3rd July 2015

Irish Independent Cahill criticises Senator Crown over remarks on her use of social media Niall O’Connor

15th July 2015

The Herald Mairia Cahill in touch with rape victim Niamh to offer support Conor Feehan

The Herald Enough is enough, we need mandatory rape sentences now Deirdre O’Shaughnessy

21st July 2015

Belfast Telegraph Teenage girls organised Belfast fight after fallout over killer Michael Stone Rebecca Black

31st July 2015

Belfast Telegraph I won’t be gagged says Mairia Cahill as lawyers fire off a warning to festival over her lecture Deborah McAleese

3rd August 2015

The News Letter Mairia Cahill delivers Feile lecture

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill ‘lays a few ghosts to rest’ and lambasts IRA during festival lecture Christopher Woodhouse

The Irish News Frankie Boyle a prime candidate for hecklers Fionnuala O’Connor

The Irish News Féile is heartbeat of west Belfast community Jim Gibney

7th August 2015

Belfast Telegraph Hamilton enters a lion’s den of former IRA enemies Rebecca Black

10th August 2015

Irish Independent Fianna Fáil TD describes Sinn Féin as a ‘cult’ and believes party’s policies would ‘destroy’ the economy Niall O’Connor and Daniel McConnell

Irish Independent Leading FF TDs reject coalition with Sinn Féin Niall O’Connor and Daniel McConnell

14th August 2015

Irish Independent Those helping rapes victims need proper funding, not cutbacks Ellen O’Malley Dunlop

16th August 2015

Irish Independent Simon Harris interview – ‘Do we want the “terrorist” Gerry Adams in Cabinet? No, we don’t’ Daniel McConnell

22nd August 2015

Irish Independent Commissioner scored own goal by dodging questions on PIRA’s existence Paul Williams

23rd August 2015

Sunday Independent Shadow of a gunman still falls on Sinn Féin Eilis O’Hanlon

27th August 2015

Irish Independent Sinn Féin’s relentless denials must alert us to the dangers John Downing

Irish Examiner The holier-than-thou defence won’t wash Michael Clifford

28th August 2015

Irish Independent Peace didn’t mean justice as a greater good was brought into play Martina Devlin

30th August 2015

Sunday Independent Playing the game is the name of the game up North Eilis O’Hanlon

Sunday Independent Diary of a dark week – fudge, fog, feeble silence Eoghan Harris

Sunday Independent Why Provos’ Army Council must disband Jody Corcoran

31st August 2015

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Féin’s Flanagan condemned for attack on Mairia Cahill Chris McCullough

6th September 2015

Sunday Independent Sunday radio needs to make itself essential Eilis O’Hanlon

7th September 2015

Belfast Telegraph Greenslade’s bid at full disclosure falls short for me Ruth Dudley Edwards

9th September 2015

Irish Independent Profile: Bobby Storey spent almost 20 years in prison, but could influence how SF governs the Republic Jim Cusack

Belfast Telegraph No claims of ‘securocrats’ or protests at police stations so is Sinn Féin finally acting like any normal party? Malachi O’Doherty

13th September 2015

Irish Independent Commissioner and more IRA questions Jim Cusack

Irish Independent ‘Big Bobby’ – Gerry Adams’ can-do guy Jim Cusack

The Irish News IRA is a ‘butterfly that has flown away’ Simon Cunningham

20th September 2015

Irish Independent Constitution is not the place to deal with matters like abortion, says Fitzgerald Daniel McConnell

3rd October 2015

Irish Independent Mairia Cahill has joined Labour – and will contest Seanad by-election in Donegal Willie Kealy

RTE Mairia Cahill proposed by Labour leaders for Seanad by-election

UTV Mairia Cahill to run for Labour Party Anita McSorley

Slugger O’Toole Irish Labour leader puts Mairia Cahill forward for Seanad by-election Mick Fealty

BBC Mairia Cahill makes bid for Seanad election

Highland Radio Mairia Cahill likely to take ‘Donegal’ Seanad seat for the Labour Party

Sunday Times Mairia Cahill tipped to win Seanad seat Sarah McInerney

Irish Times Mairia Cahill to contest Seanad by-election for Labour Amanda Ferguson

4th October 2015

Sunday Independent Labour chooses Mairia Cahill for Seanad seat Willie Kealy

Belfast Live Mairia Cahill put forward for Seanad by-election after joining Irish Labour Party Chris Sherrard

Breaking News Labour Party ‘very attractive’ says Mairia Cahill

Newstalk Mairia Cahill: Labour have been very good to me

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill nominated to contest Irish Senate seat for Labour Party Willie Kealy

Donegal Now Mairia Cahill will be a senator on her own merit, says Higgins

The News Letter Mairia Cahill: Sinn Féin ‘may worry’ if I’m elected to the Irish Senate Gemma Murray

5th October 2015

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill is to run for Irish Senate Noel McAdam

The Irish Examiner Mairia Cahill to highlight Republican abuse if elected  Juno McEnroe

7th October 2015

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill: A Senate sniper to shoot barbs at Sinn Fein Henry McDonald

Irish Independent Former junior minister to head up Mairia Cahill’s Seanad campaign Niall O’Connor

Irish Times Cahill says she’s no issue with Sinn Féin contesting by-election  Sarah Bardon

15th October 2015

International Business Times IRA Controversy In Northern Ireland 2015: Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams Look To New Political Future Amid Irish Republican Army Tensions  Jess McHugh

17th October 2015

The Irish Times Sinn Féin’s past and president Deaglan De Breadun

22nd October 2015

The Irish Independent SF facing allegations that would be ‘serious problem’ for FG, insists Taoiseach  Kevin Doyle, Sam Griffin, Niall O’Connor

23rd October 2015

The Irish Examiner Sinn Féin are too hot to handle for potential coalition partners seeking power  Alison O’Connor

9th November 2015

The Irish News Mairia Cahill wins Irish Tatler accolade 

10th November 2015

BBC Máiría Cahill ‘favourite to win Irish senate seat’ Shane Harrison

13th November 2015

Highland Radio Maria Cahill set to replace Jimmy Harte in the Seanad today

The Irish Independent Mairia Cahill elected to the Seanad on first count  Niall O’Connor

The Irish Mirror Mairia Cahill ‘extremely proud’ to be elected to the Seanad  Blanaid Murphy

RTE  Tánaiste welcomes Máiría Cahill’s Seanad election 

Newstalk  Newly-elected Senator Mairia Cahill rules out running for the Dáil Páraic Gallagher

TodayFM  Mairia Cahill elected to the Seanad  Sinead Spain

The Newsletter Mairia Cahill pledge on sex abuse victims after Irish senate vote

The Meath Chronicle  Doherty welcomes Cahill to Oireachtas

14th November 2015

The Irish Independent Cahill abused online on a ‘demonic basis’, says Labour leader Niall O’Connor and John Brennan

Belfast Telegraph Senate seat a vindication of Mairia’s long campaign Gail Walker

Belfast Telegraph Senator Mairia Cahill’s vow to abuse victims Brian Hutton

16th November 2015 

Belfast Telegraph Judge me on next few months, says ‘exhausted’ Mairia Cahill Joanne Fleming

19th November 2015

The Irish Times Senators pay tribute to Peter Robinson on his retirement Michael O’Regan

26th November 2015

BBC BBC NI Spotlight wins Amnesty International award for Mairia Cahill programme

2nd December 2015

The Irish Times Máiría Cahill calls for housing for domestic violence victims Michael O’Regan

5th December 2015

The Irish Examiner Mary Lou McDonald criticises ‘lenient’ Pearse McAuley term Elaine Loughlin

The Irish Times North desensitised to ‘extreme violence’, conference told Amanda Ferguson

6th December 2015

Sunday Independent Adams will do anything to be Taoiseach in 2016 Eoghan Harris

7th December 2015

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein edifice shakes as signs of dissent surface Ruth Dudley Edwards

Irish Independent Fine Gael election candidate contacts gardai after receiving vile death threat Niall O’Connor

17th December 2015

Volteface They Shoot Children Don’t They?  Kathryn Johnston

18th December 2015

Newstalk Mairia Cahill claims conviction of Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy “suffocates” Sinn Féin

Today FM Gerry Adams criticised over reaction to Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy conviction

19th December 2015

Newstalk Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy a “good republican”

22nd December 2015

Irish Independent Compare and contrast: Mary Lou on Ansbacher accounts – and on Slab John Downing

Irish Independent The key figures who really hold sway over Sinn Féin

23rd December 2015

Irish Independent No matter how much progress Sinn Féin makes, the past just pulls party back in Shane Coleman

Irish Independent The Gerry Adams controversies

27th December 2015

Sunday Independent Don’t blame Sinn Fein for undermining law, they’re only following orders Eilis O’Hanlon

Sunday Independent Murderers, gun runners, fugitives: who really calls the shots down here? Maeve Sheehan and Philip Ryan

The Irish Times Colleagues and politicians pay tribute to journalist Liam Clarke Gerry Moriarty

28th December 2015

Irish Independent Out, out, out: the deportations list Ruth Dudley Edwards

Belfast Telegraph You can say that again! We look at choice quotes of 2015 Ivan Little

The Irish Times Stop-start year for northern politics Gerry Moriarty

2nd January 2016

Irish Independent My infamous and illustrious gallery for the year that was Ivan Yates

7th January 2016

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein fundraiser’s partner slammed over Ann Travers tweet Lesley Houston

The News Letter Travers remark ‘typical of online abuse of IRA victims’

Connacht Tribune Don’t outstay welcome in the corridors of power Harry McGee

11th January 2016

Irish Independent Speculation mounts over Gerry Adams’s future as SF leader Jim Cusack

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein loves to smear Catholics who object to them Ruth Dudley Edwards

Irish Independent Michéal Martin: ‘Sinn Fein are a mafia organisation operating under a vow of Sarah-Jane Murphy

12th January 2016

The Irish News Why Sinn Féin MLA’s libel is not covered by Stormont insurance Brendan Hughes

15th January 2016

Irish Examiner Not everyone can be as perfect as Mr 93% himself  Shaun Connolly

19th January 2016

Irish Independent Fitzgerald casts doubt on IRA sex abuse probe Niall O’Connor

27th January 2016

Irish Independent Domestic violence and sex abuse victims ‘should be a priority for next Government’ – agencies Jane O’Faherty

28th January 2016

Belfast Telegraph Abuse has to be dealt with, says Senator Mairia Cahill Jane O’Faherty

31st January 2016

The Independent IRA man accused of rape ‘threatened to expose informants to stop retribution’ Mick Browne and Cahal Milmo

2nd February 2016

Belfast Telegraph Is Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams an evil warlord or a boy who did not grow up? Malachi O’Doherty

Irish Times Senators commend whistleblowers in foster home abuse case Marie O’Halloran

7th February 2016

Sunday Independent Eight billion, plus two, minus credibility Gene Kerrigan

11th February 2016

Irish Independent Sinn Féin continues to push for scrapping of criminal court Niall O’Connor

12th February 2016

Irish Independent Adams won’t be in court to support ‘Slab’  John Downing

13th February 2016

Newstalk Second weekend of General Election campaign gets underway

14th February 2016

Sunday Independent Tales of life, love, lust, death, regret, politics and power Barry Egan

Sunday Independent Gerry’s ex-IRA pal is new SF boss in North Jim Cusack

Sunday Independent ‘High time’ Labour took Justice ministry Kevin Doyle

15th February 2016

Irish Independent Adams: ‘Don’t worry about ex-IRA member as justice minister’ David Raleigh and Kevin Doyle

Belfast Telegraph Mairia Cahill refused witness protection David Raleigh and Kevin Doyle

21st February 2016

Sunday Independent 10 reasons not to cast a vote for Sinn Fein

23rd February 2016

Irish Times Leaders’ debate: health, housing, USC and cronyism major issues Sarah Bardon

24th February 2016

Irish Independent Leaders Debate: Gerry Adams claims he is fit to be Taoiseach despite associations with IRA Kevin Doyle and Barry Lennon

RTE ‘Creaker’ of an RTE Leaders Debate

Irish Independent At last we get good political boxing, but roll on Saturday’s count John Downing

Irish Times Five takeaways from the leaders’ debate Harry McGee

Belfast Telegraph Adams gets pilloried for Cahill gaffe in TV debate

Irish Independent Final televised debate: Leaders go on the defensive as Adams rounds on Miriam Kevin Doyle

25th February 2016

Belfast Telegraph Spain to extradite IRA man over sexual abuse claims Maeve Sheehan

Irish Independent Gerry wants you to forget everything as you vote today Philip Ryan

26th February 2016

Irish Independent Tax cheat Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy sentenced to 18 months in jail Dearbhail McDonald

27th February 2016 

Irish Independent The last Dáil – a potted history of controversy Shaun Connolly

The Herald Nothing to say Adams, Mary Lou? Stony silence from Sinn Fein as ‘good republican’ Murphy is jailed Niall O’Connor and Wayne O’Connor

28th February 2016

Sunday Independent The highs and lows of Election 2016 Eilis O’Hanlon

Newstalk Gaffes and glory: How did the leaders do in #GE16? Eoin Brennan

2nd March 2016

Sunday World ‘Slab’ Murphy kept away from IRA inmates Eamon Dillon

7th March 2016

Irish Times Unsociable media comes to the fore in election campaign Harry McGee

8th March 2016

Sunday World IRA commander nabbed over alleged child abuse linked to smuggling ring  Eamon Dillon

Belfast Telegraph Sinn Fein ‘hijacking’ 1916 commemorations with sale of bonds Angela Rainey

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