BBCNI Spotlight – A Woman Alone with the IRA

Spotlight – Breaking the Silence

   Sir Keir Starmer Starts Review

Mairia on SIX ONE RTE news – the interview which forced Sinn Fein to admit the wider issue. 

Mairia says Sinn Fein can never speak credibly about child sexual abuse again 

Fianna Fail and An Taoiseach on Mairia Cahill case 22 Oct 2014 

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Mairia on The Stephen Nolan Show 22nd Oct 2014 

Accepting the Labour James Larkin Thirst for Justice Award 

RTE News First Minister to meet Mairia Cahill 21st October 2014

Mairia Cahill meets the First Minister Peter Robinson 21st October 2014

Taoiseach describes Sinn Fein attacks on Mairia Cahill as ‘utterly despicable’. RTE News 21st October 2014

Mairia Cahill meets An Taoiseach Enda Kenny RTE News 22nd October 2014

Mairia Cahill says Taoiseach Enda Kenny listened sensitively RTE News 22nd October 2014 

PPS annouce Sir Keir Starmer to lead Cahill review

Dail debates Mairia Cahill case RTE News 12th November 2015

Mairia Cahill live link to RTE during Dail debate 12th November 2015

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Regina Doherty TD exposes Sinn Fein internal investigation into abuse

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Second Vincent Browne Interview 

Newstalk Interviews

Im going to give Gerry Adams One more chance to come clean on this issue 16th October 2014

Before meeting the Taoiseach at Government Buildings

After Enda Kenny Meeting

Newstalk interview, RNU and Sinn Fein late October 2014

Irish Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald on Mairia Cahill issue